Lionel Haas Trio

Lionel Haas – piano
Guiseppe Botigliari – bass
Tomas Hobzek – drums
Tgomotso Tsatsi – vocal
Label: Surge Records – Lionel Haas

Nächste Auftritte:
Berlin 21.03.2018, Pfandhaus
Berlin 21.03.2018, Pfandhaus
Berlin 21.03.2018, Pfandhaus
Berlin 21.03.2018, Pfandhaus
Berlin 21.03.2018, Pfandhaus
Berlin 21.03.2018, Pfandhaus

Berlin 21

Berlin 21 – Moabit Pics

Torsten Zwingenberger (Schlagzeug)
Lionel Haas (Piano)
Tim Seier (Gitarre)
Martin Lillich (Bass)
Website: Berlin21








„If I were to close my eyes and allow myself to be led into a jazz jam sesion with various musicians taking turns in revealing their individual styles, I’d be able to immediately pinpoint Lionel Haas’s turn on the piano. There would be no mistaking the the unique sound of this up and coming artist. He weaves, twists, shifts and turns his melodies just as easily into expressions of boundless joy as into expressions of deep reverie. But by all means, if you ever have the fortune of hearing this musician perform live, then keep your eyes open and watch in amazement the choreography of his long, tapered, reed like fingers as they dance upon the keys in a frenzied yet controlled manner. Until that opportunity comes, sit back or stand up and enjoy the journey into his musical mind with this, his latest recording of energized jammin’…His partners in this sweet shakin‘ jelly of sound will also impress you with their skills. From Mike Segal and Fuasi Abdul-Khaliq’s fierce wailing, to the „watchin your back“ partners in the rhythm section, courtesy of Emanuel Hauptmann and Johannes Gunkel. In the course of our lives there are many phases we pass through on our way to finding and accomplishing our mission. Often we seek to reinvent ourselves as we shed old dreams to make way for the new. Some individuals have from day one been set on a clear path towards their mission. The talent and life of Lionel Haas epitomizes this truth. So, stay on track with the latest sound of Lionel Haas and his quintet and don’t forget to keep both your eyes and ears open for more news from this gifted young man…“ Yamil Borges