This is in Mem­o­ry of Fitz Hen­rique Gore who sad­ly passed away June 16, 2002

Fritz GoreI would like to express my deep­est appre­ci­a­tion for his friend­ship, tal­ent, musi­cal­i­ty, his knowiedge and his expe­ri­ences. I first met FITZ GORE — an extreme­ly tal­ent­ed and dis­tin­guished Jamaican-born tenor sax­o­phone play­er — in spring of 1998. We imme­di­ate­ly got along. Since then, he has played a sig­nif­i­cant role in my progress as a pianist, by attend­ing many of my gigs, giv­ing me use­ful point­ers for improve­ment and pro­vid­ing me with tons of old­er jazz record­ings from his col­lec­tion for me to study from. A lot of my musi­cal Inspi­ra­tion come from these record­ings. Lis­ten­ing to some of Fitz’s old record­ings, I real­ized that I had run into a musi­cian unlike any I had ever heard before. When hear­ing his inter­pre­ta­tion of well known bal­lads, one imme­di­ate­ly rec­og­nizes FITZ GORE’S char­ac­ter­is­tics: he gives his horn every­thing it has, with its expres­sive, thun­der­ing, melod­ic, med­i­ta­tive and soul­ful Sounds. He blows the lax like there is no tomor­row, each solo sounds like it’s going to be his last.