LIONEL HAAS TRIO “Going and Going”



Lionel Haas — piano
Guiseppe Botigliari — bass
Tomas Hobzek — drums
Tgo­mot­so Tsat­si — vocal
Label: Surge Records — Lionel Haas

Con­ti­nu­ity, ener­gy, flow, relentlesness … such are the things that the title track stands for. Keep the music Going and Going, that is the mot­to that pianist Lionel Haas went by , as he com­piled this selec­tion of orig­i­nals and stan­dards, diverse in style, feel and tem­po.
It’s not always about rein­vent­ing the wheel, it’s also about keep­ing the wheel rolling. And in order to do that, you need an engine strong enough for that task, one that is effi­cient, yet not intru­sive.
Drum­mer Tomas Hobzek and bass play­er Giuseppe Bot­tiglieri posess excact­ly those attrib­ut­es by doing their parts in mak­ing each track a unique lis­ten­ing expe­ri­ence — whether it is the straight for­ward swing of the above-men­tioned title track, the seren­i­ty of the clas­sic piece, “Like Some­one in Love”, the pas­sion­ate rhythms of “Cubano Chant” and “Magreb” or the sould­ful sounds of “Day of Reck­on­ing”.
Not to for­get the  vir­tu­oso vocal sounds of Kgo­mot­so Tsat­si, giv­ing a cer­tain Cole Porter clas­sic an entire­ly new touch and, togeth­er with Lionel Haas, cre­at­ing some­thing as com­pelling as “Unchar­tered”.

Näch­ste Auftritte:
Bitte im aktuellen Ter­minkalen­der ein­se­hen.

BLOWING FRONT — Winner of the 2007 Jazz and Blues Awards 2007

The pool of top notch artists has includ­ed:

Lionel Haas — piano
Mike Segal — alto sax
Reg­is KinRe Moli­na — alto sax
Roby Edwards — tenor sax
Daniel El Con­go Allen-Ober­to — trum­pet
Christoph Totz — trum­pet
Tony Hur­dle — trom­bone
Richard How­ell — tenor sax
Ike Leo — tenor sax
Fuasi Abdul Khaliq — tenor sax
Earl Bostic (may God rest his soul) — bass
Daryl Tay­lor — bass
Carme­lo Leot­ta — bass
Charles Sam­mons — bass
Rico McClar­rin — drums
Jür­gen Mey­er — drums

vocal Fea­tures:
Yamil Borges
Adi Wolf

Some of Berlin’s top play­ers joins pianist and band leader, Lionel Haas, in form­ing this pow­er­ful sex­tet, har­ness­ing musi­cal ener­gy in the styles of jazz, funk, blues, Latin, and Afro rhythms. The tunes are com­posed and arranged by Lionel Haas.



Lionel Haas — piano
Majid Bekkas — vocals, guem­bri and oud
Christoph Titz — trum­pet
Kai Lübke — drums
Abdel Fet­tah Hous­sai­ni — per­cus­sions

What is unique about jazz?  It merges eas­i­ly with musi­cal tra­di­tions world­wide.  In this case, it makes a stop in the beau­ti­ful coun­try of Moroc­co, home of a groovy musi­cal art­form called GNAUA.  Top artist: Majid Bekkas.  A joint pro­duc­tion involv­ing Ger­man and Moroc­can musi­cians alike.

Berlin 21 “Cap­i­tal Let­ters”  “Odds On”

Moabit Pics

Torsten Zwin­gen­berg­er — drums and per­cus­sions
Mar­tin Lil­lich — bass
Lionel Haas — piano
Tim­o­thy Seier — gui­tar
For­maly on gui­tar: Patrick Far­rant, Ben­son McGlasham

Ini­ti­at­ed by one of Germany’s most not­ed drum­mers, Torsten Zwin­gen­berg­er, this quar­tet has by now released two albums and con­tin­ues to tour all over Ger­many.  The pro­gram is com­prised of orig­i­nals by the band mem­bers and is a diverse com­pia­tion of straigh­ta­head and eth­no jazz, blues, boog­gie, played in even as well as odd time sig­na­tures.