Lionel Haas Trio

Lionel Haas — piano
Guiseppe Botigliari — bass
Tomas Hobzek — drums
Tgo­mot­so Tsat­si — vocal
Label: Surge Records — Lionel Haas

Näch­ste Auftritte:
Berlin 21.03.2018, Pfand­haus
Berlin 21.03.2018, Pfand­haus
Berlin 21.03.2018, Pfand­haus
Berlin 21.03.2018, Pfand­haus
Berlin 21.03.2018, Pfand­haus
Berlin 21.03.2018, Pfand­haus

Berlin 21

Berlin 21 — Moabit Pics

Torsten Zwin­gen­berg­er (Schlagzeug)
Lionel Haas (Piano)
Tim Seier (Gitarre)
Mar­tin Lil­lich (Bass)
Web­site: Berlin21








If I were to close my eyes and allow myself to be led into a jazz jam sesion with var­i­ous musi­cians tak­ing turns in reveal­ing their indi­vid­ual styles, I’d be able to imme­di­ate­ly pin­point Lionel Haas’s turn on the piano. There would be no mis­tak­ing the the unique sound of this up and com­ing artist. He weaves, twists, shifts and turns his melodies just as eas­i­ly into expres­sions of bound­less joy as into expres­sions of deep rever­ie. But by all means, if you ever have the for­tune of hear­ing this musi­cian per­form live, then keep your eyes open and watch in amaze­ment the chore­og­ra­phy of his long, tapered, reed like fin­gers as they dance upon the keys in a fren­zied yet con­trolled man­ner. Until that oppor­tu­ni­ty comes, sit back or stand up and enjoy the jour­ney into his musi­cal mind with this, his lat­est record­ing of ener­gized jammin’…His part­ners in this sweet shakin’ jel­ly of sound will also impress you with their skills. From Mike Segal and Fuasi Abdul-Khaliq’s fierce wail­ing, to the “watchin your back” part­ners in the rhythm sec­tion, cour­tesy of Emanuel Haupt­mann and Johannes Gunkel. In the course of our lives there are many phas­es we pass through on our way to find­ing and accom­plish­ing our mis­sion. Often we seek to rein­vent our­selves as we shed old dreams to make way for the new. Some indi­vid­u­als have from day one been set on a clear path towards their mis­sion. The tal­ent and life of Lionel Haas epit­o­mizes this truth. So, stay on track with the lat­est sound of Lionel Haas and his quin­tet and don’t for­get to keep both your eyes and ears open for more news from this gift­ed young man…” Yamil Borges