Lionel Haas

Pianist – Keyboarder – Komponist – Arrangeur – Jazzmusiker

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Yamil Borges, Ray Blue, Big Joe Turner and the Memphis Blues Caravan, Mike Russell Funky Soul Kitchen, Will Jacobs Blues Band, Garry Wiggins Band, New Standard Jam Session, Jazzy Berlin Jam Session, Tony Hurdle, Keith Tynes Band, Erics Club at Spinnrad, Majid Bekkas, Guy Barker, Roby Edwards, Gulliver Allwood, Ingrid Arthur, Dorrey Lyles, JC Dooke, Richard Howell, Regis Molina, Daniel El Congo Oberto, Fuasi Abdul-Khaliq, Vince Agwada, Emmanuel Stanley, Mike Segal, Helmut Bruger, Desney Bailey, Torsten Zwingenberger, Steve Carrington, Jim Karr, David Milzo and the Jazzrhythmics, etc


Breakin Free and a Tribute to Fitz Gore 1999
Yamil Borges and Friends, Berlin by Night 2002
Lionel Haas Quintet, Live at Atrane 2003
Lionel Haas and Majid Bekkas, Une Soiree au Maroc 2006
Lionel Haas Trio, Going and Going 2013
Berlin 21, Capital Letters 2014
Berlin 21, Odds On 2016

Berlin 21, THREE! 2020



Lionel Haas was born on December 27, 1971 in Bonn, Germany. He had his first piano lesson at the age of 9 and developed an interest in jazz, blues and rock at an early age. Lionel’s first formal study of jazz was during a series of jazz workshops at the Richmond College near London, UK, at the age of 13 to 15.


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