LIONEL HAAS TRIO „Going and Going“

Lionel Haas – piano
Guiseppe Botigliari – bass
Tomas Hobzek – drums
Tgomotso Tsatsi – vocal
Label: Surge Records – Lionel Haas

Continuity, energy, flow, relentlesness … such are the things that the title track stands for. Keep the music Going and Going, that is the motto that pianist Lionel Haas went by , as he compiled this selection of originals and standards, diverse in style, feel and tempo.
It’s not always about reinventing the wheel, it’s also about keeping the wheel rolling. And in order to do that, you need an engine strong enough for that task, one that is efficient, yet not intrusive.
Drummer Tomas Hobzek and bass player Giuseppe Bottiglieri posess excactly those attributes by doing their parts in making each track a unique listening experience – whether it is the straight forward swing of the above-mentioned title track, the serenity of the classic piece, „Like Someone in Love“, the passionate rhythms of „Cubano Chant“ and „Magreb“ or the souldful sounds of „Day of Reckoning“.
Not to forget the  virtuoso vocal sounds of Kgomotso Tsatsi, giving a certain Cole Porter classic an entirely new touch and, together with Lionel Haas, creating something as compelling as „Unchartered“.

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BLOWING FRONT – Winner of the 2007 Jazz and Blues Awards 2007

The pool of top notch artists has included:

Lionel Haas – piano
Mike Segal – alto sax
Regis KinRe Molina – alto sax
Roby Edwards – tenor sax
Daniel El Congo Allen-Oberto – trumpet
Christoph Totz – trumpet
Tony Hurdle – trombone
Richard Howell – tenor sax
Ike Leo – tenor sax
Fuasi Abdul Khaliq – tenor sax
Earl Bostic (may God rest his soul) – bass
Daryl Taylor – bass
Carmelo Leotta – bass
Charles Sammons – bass
Rico McClarrin – drums
Jürgen Meyer – drums

vocal Features:
Yamil Borges
Adi WolfSome of Berlin’s top players joins pianist and band leader, Lionel Haas, in forming this powerful sextet, harnessing musical energy in the styles of jazz, funk, blues, Latin, and Afro rhythms. The tunes are composed and arranged by Lionel Haas.Nach oben

Berlin 21 „Capital Letters“  „Odds On“

Berlin 21 – Moabit Pics

Torsten Zwingenberger – drums and percussions
Martin Lillich – bass
Lionel Haas – piano
Timothy Seier – guitar
Formaly on guitar: Patrick Farrant, Benson McGlasham

Initiated by one of Germany’s most noted drummers, Torsten Zwingenberger, this quartet has by now released two albums and continues to tour all over Germany.  The program is comprised of originals by the band members and is a diverse compiation of straightahead and ethno jazz, blues, booggie, played in even as well as odd time signatures.


Lionel Haas – piano
Majid Bekkas – vocals, guembri and oud
Christoph Titz – trumpet
Kai Lübke – drums
Abdel Fettah Houssaini – percussions

What is unique about jazz?  It merges easily with musical traditions worldwide.  In this case, it makes a stop in the beautiful country of Morocco, home of a groovy musical artform called GNAUA.  Top artist: Majid Bekkas.  A joint production involving German and Moroccan musicians alike.